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Cosmo Tech Expo is India’s Biggest Manufacturing Solutions

Cosmo Tech Expo is India’s Biggest Manufacturing Solutions Trade Show for the Cosmetic, Personal care, Cosmeceutical, Perfumery & Soap, detergent, toiletries market.

Cosmo Tech (now in its 5th Edition) is conceptualized on bringing the complete Innovative solutions to the beauty manufactures right from the concept to formulation to technology to product launch for making the advancements in the Manufacturing world.

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Why do Best Implantologist in Delhi Recommend Dental Implants?

Missing tooth after a certain age can lead to the massive downfall of self-confidence. Millions of people lose a tooth due to decay, injury or any sort of another oral disease. For several years, the only option available was to place bridges or dentures, but now things have changed and with the advancement in science and technology now it is possible to replace the broken tooth with a dental implant. Best implantologist in Delhi is now recommending dental implants over the traditional way of replacing a missing tooth.

About Dental Implants

These are basically a replacement of roots; that provides a foundation to the teeth. Tooth placed can either be temporary or permanent. Such dental implants are done to match the original tooth placed. They look more of natural teeth and don’t leave any impact of being an artificial one.

However, there are some people who are hesitant to go for this treatment fearing the after effects but even the best Implantologist recommends going for this treatment for various reasons.

Improvement in Appearance: These dental implants help to improve their appearance, as they are more like natural teeth. Even the patient doesn’t get the feel of having anything artificial in the structure. Because of the fact that they fuse well with the bone, they become permanent and leave no scope of removal.

Better Speech: At times dentures can lead to improper speech because of wrong placement. The teeth can slip while talking leading to mumble words. However, such is not the case with dental implants as they are more like permanent and doesn’t let replaced tooth slip.

Comfort: As discussed earlier also, these implants become part of you, and totally eliminate the discomfort of removing dentures time and again.

Comfort in Eating: Dentures can make it difficult to eat and chew, making condition problematic for the patient. However, dental implants are more like patients own teeth and don’t provide any discomfort while eating or chewing.

Overall Oral Health: Like dentures or braces, dental implants do not require any sort of tooth extraction or alteration. No nearby tooth is altered to provide support to the implanted tooth; hence overall oral health remains to enact. Also, individual implants make it easier for a person to maintain oral hygiene, as access between teeth becomes easier.

Boost to Self-Esteem: The confidence that you lost at the time when you lost your teeth will be regained by this simple procedure of dental implants. It will help to bring back that smile on your face boosting your confidence and morale.

Ease and Convenience: Removing dentures time and again can create a lot of hassle and can be embarrassing in public places. With no such tension with implants makes this procedure easy and rather convenient.

Having said this, it is really important to consult the best implantologist in Delhi for such procedure, and when it comes to choosing best no one can beat Dr M. Jetley and his team. With years of experience, Dr Jetley provides orthodontic treatment with much ease. The right treatment is really very important as it can be a break or make a moment for the patient, as a smile is everything to boost the person’s confidence.

Dental Care Services That You Can Avail From the Best Dentist in Delhi

Are you thinking about seeing the best dentist in Delhi to maintain good oral hygiene and to keep your smile healthy forever? If yes, then it is time to know all the dental care service that a dentist offers. Having a clear understanding of types of services you can avail at a dentist’s clinic will help you obtain the right treatment for your problem without wasting your time and money.

Usually, every dentist offers different kinds of dental services for the patient, which is generally suitable for various tooth problems. The services they provide are either corrective or therapeutic measures. In this article, you will get to know some important dental care services, which you can get from a reliable dentist in Delhi.

Dental care services obtained from a dentist in India

  • Initial oral examination

Whenever you consult the dentist, the first thing they probably do is examining the gums and teeth using X-rays or other tools. They recommend the treatment procedures based on findings and solve the problem immediately. The initial oral examination involves the visual examination, periodontal probing, charting, and diagnosis & treatment recommendations.

  • Teeth whitening

Nowadays, plenty of adults suffer from mild or chronic tooth stains and discolorations. These usually caused by poor dental care, bacterial infections, and tooth decays. Stains smear the teeth enamels and damage their appearance. When reaching the cosmetic dentist, you will get a solution to bad teeth color through whitening treatment.

  • Tooth extraction

The best dentist in Delhi would typically recommend tooth extraction when there is no alternative treatment method available. When your tooth is damaged severely, tooth extraction is the best and only option to avoid bacterial infection to other teeth.  To remove the bad teeth, the dentist uses extractive tools and different methods.

  • Filling procedure

Bacteria and germs can damage your enamel tissue and then open up teeth holes that may grow bigger and cause severe damage, which may be permanent when it is not repaired. The dentist removes the bacteria causing the infection and then fills up the hole to save the teeth. Filling procedure is one of the common dental services offered in the dental clinic.

  • Canal procedure

One of the root treatments handling the issues such as infections and decay at the root is canal procedure. After X-ray examination, the severity of the tooth decay will be predicted. The X-ray shows the nature of the decay so that the dentist offers the right solution.

  • Crown treatment

Tooth damage generally caused by breakage, decay, and chipped a tooth, which can be easily fixed with the crown replacements. Crowns usually made with metal, porcelain, or both. The entire procedure is done to repair the shape of the tooth and then enhance teeth arrangements.

Apart from these, the best dentist in Delhi provides implants, Invisalign, toothaches, root canal therapy, dental emergencies, and so on. Therefore, whenever you experience pains in your gum or teeth, you should consult the dentist as soon as possible before the problem worsens as well as the pain turns into unbearable. The dentist will examine and find the exact cause of the problem and then provide suitable treatment.

Things Doctor Recommend for Optimum Oral Health

Good oral health is something very important for healthy living. However, it is not a onetime process and requires a lifetime of care. Having good teeth and good oral health today doesn’t promise you lifetime of well being, and that is why the best dentists in Delhi recommend certain basic things that can help you to attain optimum oral health today, tomorrow and forever.

Taking right steps at right time can help you to prevent a lot many problems, which not only affects your oral health but can have an impact on your overall health as well.

So here are tips from the best dentists, avoid deterioration of oral health.

  • Never forget to brush before going to bed: We often tell our children to brush their teeth before going to bed, but fail to implement the same in our life. Renowned dentists like Dr. M. Jetley recommends that no matter what your age is you should never go to bed without brushing your teeth. It helps to get rid of germs and plaque that we accumulate the entire day.
  • Don’t forget to clean tongue: Most of us make a big mistake while brushing our teeth, we often don’t find it important to clean our tongue. If you think that plaque and germs can only accumulate in teeth then you are absolutely wrong as they can build on the tongue as well. It results in bad odor as well as oral health issues.
  • Fluoride toothpaste is recommended: When it comes to brushing your teeth, don’t choose whitening and flavored toothpaste, rather choose the one which has fluoride in it. Fluoride is really very important when it comes to maintaining a good oral health as it provides a defense against germ and tooth decay.
  • Flossing: Flossing is as important as brushing and must not be overlooked. As a layman, for us flossing is only about removing left bits and pieces stuck between teeth, but it is way more than that. It helps in stimulating gums and prevents inflammation. According to best dentists in Delhi, unlike brushing flossing once a day is more than enough to maintain a good oral health.
  • Drink water: Drinking water is recommended to heal almost all ailments, and it stands true for oral hygiene and health as well. Drinking water after every meal helps to get rid of sticky food that prevails even after the meal. Also, the more hydrated mouth will be less are the chances for any germ or plaque to bother and affect your oral hygiene.

Our daily habits have a huge impact on our health, and that is why it is really important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Visiting a good dentist clinic like Dr. Jetley’s Dental and Orthodontic clinic twice in a year is important to stay fit and healthy orally. Apart, from the things mentioned above including a healthy diet in the meal is very important, it is recommended to eat crunchy fruits and vegetables to avoid stickiness around teeth.

Now that you know how to maintain good oral health, we wish you a happy smile for now and forever.